Vanishing Beaches

We believe in citizen science.

If you have anecdotes and pictures indicating coastal erosion in your area, submit them to us.



For repeated monitoring of changes in shoreline position as well as cross-sectional changes along a coast, photos should be taken, with a scale over different time periods from exactly the same position and same angle so that comparison between shots can be made. The reference points for photo-documentation can be vital features or structures near the coast that need to be monitored such as a school located on an eroded segment of the coast, or the established transects for beach profiling.

Example: Monitoring of changes in front of an elementary school in Caba, La Union that started a month after Typhoon Feria in 2001 (top). Monitoring of beach profile changes pre-and post-Typhoon Yolanda in Bantayan Island (bottom). Photos c/o Caba Project (Caba 2001-2002); SFLU/WB Provention (Caba 2003); NLU (Caba 2005);  Bathy and Erode Project (Bantayan)

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Or if you see any of the signs of erosion as described in the photos below, take photos from different angles.

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