A National Issue

         Coastal erosion is prevalent in the Philippines. As an archipelagic landmass, the loss of coastal lands poses a serious threat to about 60% of the population occupying coastal regions. Typically, long shorelines with narrow coastal plains border the Philippines from large open oceans that are exposed to typhoons. Rapid sea-level rise (higher than the global average) and intensifying storms due to climate change exacerbate the susceptibility of Philippine coasts to erosion.

Circles indicate the places around the Philippines coastal erosion had been observed to occur or is occurring.

Eroding coasts translate to loss of land that will displace coastal communities and damage industries, ultimately affecting the national economy. Beaches in important tourist sites such as Boracay and Bantayan Island are eroding and, if unmanaged, will continue to do so, eventually impacting revenue in the area.

Call to action. Coastal erosion must be recognized as a national issue. Urgent action from the national government is needed to mitigate man-made causes, and to manage and prepare for the exacerbating effects of climate change. Explicit policies to address this national problem should be put in place.

Source: Sagip Baybay PH Policy Brief. 2017.