Workshop for HEI Teachers (2)

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Day 2 was action-packed as the participants were brought to various places for their fieldwork. Participants were able to witness what theyhad just learned regarding coastal landforms and processes as Dr. Siringan discussed the formation of the the Paoay Sand Dunes. Such was followed by a beach profiling exercise at the Suba Beach, where the participants were taught how to properly conduct the survey. The morning session ended with a quick trip to the Paoay Church. The afternoon session started with a recap of the fieldwork and classroom activities. It was followed by a beach walk on a beach opposite the resort where Dr. Siringan introduced the different types of carbonate materials. By the end of the day, the participants had been exposed to two different types of beaches – a beach fed by rivers and sand dunes (Suba Beach) and a purely carbonate one with an uplifted coral platform (Pangil Beach).

Participants at the Paoay Sand Dunes
Dr. Siringan while discussing coastal landforms at the Paoay Sand Dunes
Beach profiling exercise at Suba Beach

Dr. Siringan shows the participants the different organisms that make up the carbonate beach of Currimao, Ilocos Norte.

Participants using their grain size comparators in identifying sediments at the beach front of Pangil
Dr. Jaraula (leftmost) and Dr. Ringor as they assist some of the participants in setting up their GPS.

Day 3 centered on data processing and evaluation of materials.. For the morning session, Ms. Sta. Maria walked the participants through the processing of the beach profiling data. The afternoon session had been devoted to the evaluation of the four (4) lecture materials, a posttest, and evaluation of the entire workshop.

Processing of beach profiling data
Evaluation of lecture materials

Overall, the workshop has been a learning opportunity not just for the teachers but for the Sagip Baybay PH Team too. The teachers had actively participated in all the sessions and were very eager to attend similar activities to further enhance their skills. Likewise, the Sagip Baybay PH team gathered insights on how to further improve the materials to make it more palatable to both teachers and students. Moreover, the team was also updated on the current coastal conditions in the hometown of the participants.

Article by Joanne Constantino for Sagip Baybay PH.

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